What is Mecodex?

Mecodex is a mobile application of administrative and accounting system in the cloud that allows small and medium enterprises to obtain a record and control of the operations that are carried out daily.

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Why MECODEX is your best option?

More control

Know the status of your company in real time and make decisions quickly and accurately.


You can make movements and check your business information, download and / or print your sales receipts from your Android device.


Efficiently manage all the operations of your company, covering as many resources as possible.


Protect your business information, generating backup copies.

Get organized with MECODEX!

Perform all administrative and financial operations anywhere from your mobile and without the need for internet.

Customize and print your sales receipt, adding the logo and information of your business.

Organize and control your inventory in one place, easily and quickly, updating the information with each purchase or sale.

Do not spend without need, control and manage your expenses.

Order all the information of your customers, vendors, suppliers and products or services you offer.

Keep track of your accounts receivable, find out how much each customer owes you and their due dates.

Always keep informed of the status of your business and generate your reports easily and quickly.

Sell ​​in a practical and light way
Where you want

Join This Big Family

More and more companies choose us as the best option to organize the administrative operations of their business.

Do not be left behind.

About Mecodex

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Tuluá, Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

Calle 36 # 24-24 Salesianos

+57 323 297 7797



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