Advantages of Being Pro

Technical support

We provide you with technical assistance and Mecodex management training; support and support of the administrative and accounting application for the efficient use of the software

Custom Sales Receipts

Generate and print personalized sales receipts with your name, logo and business information.

Advanced Reports

Deliver your business accounting information easily and quickly to your accountant, exporting advanced reports in PDF or spreadsheet.

Automatic Data Backup

Back up the accounting and administrative data on Google Drive and on our private server, so you can generate a secure copy of your information.

Report Features

Product Reports

Know the real inventory of your business, quantity, cost and price of products and / or services.

Do not waste more money! Find out about the inventory that is running out, allowing availability to your customers.

Know the cost of damaged or defective products, in order to make decisions about this.

Purchase Reports

Know the real state of your purchases in a certain period, the status, type and classification of them, allowing you to better plan purchases and reduce costs.

Profit Report

Evaluate the performance and profitability of your business.
Know the performance and usefulness of your business and, make strategic financial and / or administrative decisions.
Classify and customize accounting reports.

Sales report

Find out all the movements of your sales! Check the total sales that have been made in cash and / or credit, the status, cost and value of each sale and the profit obtained.

Discover which seller has made more sales, according to their status, type and classification of sales of a certain period.

Credit Reports

Keep track of your accounts receivable, the total sale, balance, status and validity of credit sales, and recover your portfolio on time.

About Mecodex

Mecodex is a mobile application of administrative and accounting system in the cloud that allows small and medium enterprises to obtain a record and control of daily operations.


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Tuluá, Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

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